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Political Science & International Relations: Religious Liberty

Political science or international relations are two of the most interesting subjects one can study in college. Use this page to find out why.

Religious liberty definitions and sources of information:

"Religious liberty" or "religious freedom" is often associated with church/state issues.

1.  What religious liberty/freedom is:

2.  What is the LDS take on religious liberty?

3.  "Religious Freedom" from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism:

4.  Elder Dallin H Oaks on religious freedom, an address delivered to the Beckett Fund:

5.  Religious liberty and defense of marriage:

6.  Religious liberty in previous eras:

7.  Defending religious liberty:

8.  International Religious Liberty Association:

9.  Liberty: A Magazine of Religious Freedom

10.  First Liberty:  a website for a leading law firm defending religious freedom

11.  Pew Research Center "Religion and Public Life" data and stories, from the Pew Charitable Trusts