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Book of Mormon: Geography

Resources for studying the Book of Mormon


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Journey of Faith

Journey of Faith: The New World

A Note on Geographic Study

This guide does not endorse any theory for Book of Mormon geography and in attempting to show many sides does not claim to show all.

Overview Sources

Book of Mormon Geography, Maps, Theories and Models

This is not an attempt to show all the theories, models, or ideas that may apply to Book of Mormon Geography.  Nor does this list represent any kind of sanction, acceptance, or preference, by any person or group,, within or associated with the Lee Library, BYU, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The following list is solely an attempt, to show the scope of ideas that exist, dealing with Book of Mormon geography. 

Sites that include maps are emphasized. 

Book of Mormon Geography Overview - Theory/Model Comparisons

Central America / Mexico Models

Great Lakes Theories

Hemispheric Models

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