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3D Printing Guide: Printing Your Design

How to utilize the Library's 3D printers.


First, you will need to make sure that your design is in the correct format. We only accept .stl, .obj, and .thing files. Most 3D design programs will export these file types. Then, bring your file to us at the Makerpsace Help Desk on the 4th floor of the library. You can bring your file on a flash drive, or you can email it to us at the desk ( If you just email a file and do not come by and talk to us, your file will not by put in the queue. It is important that you come to the desk so we can go over it with you and make sure that your file will print properly.

Be prepared to specify the dimensions for your design along with any other specifications for the print. Please review the print bed dimensions of our printers which can be found in the home tab to ensure your print will fit on our printers.

We will put you on our queue and give you an estimated price and completion time. When it is finished, we will email you so you can come pick up your final project! 

Please note that we do not mass produce.

Our help desk only accepts BYU Signature cards for payment (Cougarcash and Department Cards). If you are not a BYU student or employee, fees can be paid at the Circulation Desk with debit or credit cards.

Other Sources for 3D Printing

Printing for non-academic purposes will be done on a case-by-case basis. 

Below are alternatives for printing in the library: