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IHUM 250: Intro to Interdisciplinary Humanities (Music): Research Help

Research help for the music portion of the class.

Online Encyclopedias

Doing Music Research

1. Locate background information.

            - use encyclopedia articles to find keywords (terminology, words for narrowing topic, important scholars) and citations to other materials.

2. Develop and narrow your topic; form an issue or research question.

3. Find research materials you may use in your paper.

            - books, journal articles

4. Evaluate and select materials that you will use in your paper.

5. Write draft, cite sources, and write final paper.

            - use an approved citation format, and consult style manuals as needed.

            - begin writing early.

Reference Works

 Why consult reference works?

  • topical summaries help you generate ideas
  • bibliographies point you to previous research

What about Wikipedia?

  • Wikipedia can be a great place to start, but may not be the best place to end!
  • Entries may not include a comprehensive list of sources, whereas reference works will provide this feature.