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Model UN

Compilation of resources to help Model UN participants research foreign policy positions of various nations.

Uncommon Information Sources (not applicable to all countries)

General News (from global wire services and videographers):

Drudgereport (scroll down to the links for global and country-specific news and wires services):

East Asia:

Straits Times (Singapore’s/SE Asia’s most influential newspaper; note spelling):

East-Asia Intel (headlines only, articles by subscription, but still very interesting): 

South/Southwest Asia:

Times of India (newspaper-of-record for world’s largest democracy):

Karachi Dawn (One of Pakistan’s best newspapers, covers Afghanistan):


Mail and Guardian (South Africa’s premier newspaper, covers continent):

Middle East:

Al Manar TV (Lebanon’s and Hezbollah’s tv channel):

Debkafile (regional coverage, claims to have contacts with Israeli intelligence):

Al Jazeera (Arab news, augments US/European sources);

Haaretz (Jersualem newspaper):


Turkey (in English):

UK (but a global perspective):

Germany (in English); click on "world" tab at the top: