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Model UN: Treaties

Compilation of resources to help Model UN participants research foreign policy positions of various nations.

Treaties--selected sources for information about treaties your assigned country may be party to.

1.  Guide to Treaty Research

Arthur W Diamond Law Library

Columbia University

"The Diamond Law Library is a great place to find the text of treaties. We have access to all of the resources described in this guide, and many others not mentioned. But even with the right tools, treaty research can be quite difficult and time consuming. This is especially true if you do not have a good understanding of treaties and how they are formed.

A treaty (sometimes called a convention, covenant, protocol, charter, pact, etc.) is an agreement between two or more nations or international organizations. It may be bilateral (between two countries), or multilateral (between three or more countries). The treaty text may provide for the manner by which it takes effect. Often, the agreement will enter into force when it has been signed and ratified by a certain number of parties. Unless restricted by the terms of the treaty, parties may ratify a treaty with reservations or other declarations. A reservation is a country's attempt to modify certain terms of the agreement, as between itself and other countries."

Contains treaties to which the US is a part, US bilateral treaties, and treaties to which the US in not a part.  Also has a limited subject index of treaties.

2.  For a general survey of global treaties, please see:

Chrological list of slelected treaties since 1300 BC to the present  as well as few pending treaties; often, significant countries are listed as parties.

3.  Alphabetical list by country of bilateral and/or multilateral treaties signed by member states: