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Classical Art and Architecture: Books

Finding Books in the Lee Library & in Other Libraries

Finding E-books in ScholarSearch

Search your topic in ScholarSearch and filter results by "Resource Type = E-books" on the left column.



Art Books | Subject Headings

Art books are cataloged by artist's name, medium, nationality, genre, time period, and style/movement. Search using the following subject heading patterns:

MEDIUM  |  ex: Sculpture, Greek; Sculpture, Hellenistic
NATIONALITY | ex: Art, Greek; Art, Etruscan
GENRE  |  ex: Portrait sculpture, Roman
TIME PERIOD  |  Rome--History--Republic, 265-30 B.C.

Selected Subject Heading Patterns for Names or Places

Aphrodite (Greek deity)--Art
Parthenon (Athens, Greece)
Athens (Greece)--Buildings, structures, etc.


Art and mythology

Art, classical--Themes, motives
Mythology, Classical, in art

Vases, Greek
Vase-painting, Greek

Vases, Red-figured--Greece 
Sculpture, Greek


Museum and Exhibition Catalogs

Exhibition Catalogs have subject headings for the name of the artist, subject of the exhibition, and name of the museum or gallery.
Use the keyword "exhibitions" and the artist's name or subject. 
Ex: Art, Greek--Exhibitions

Museum Catalogs are catalogs of a museum's permanent collection, and are cataloged by the name of the museum and the subdivision "catalogs" in the subject. Use the keyword "catalogs" and the name of the museum.
Ex: British Museum--Catalogs

Browsing Call Numbers

level 5  |  FLOOR MAP

N     visual arts in general
NA  architecture
NB  sculpture
NC  drawing, design, illustration
ND  painting
NE  prints
NK  design, decorative arts
NX  visual and performing arts
TR  photography
TS  industrial design (level 2)

Z 40-286  typography

Digitized Art Books


Bibliography Maker

Create and format your own bibliography of articles, books, etc. Import references from databases and use the style guide of your choice!  Step-by-Step Guide