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Music 476: Music Education: Band Leaders

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Marching Band Teaches Kids

Taken from the National Association of Music Parents blog. Clink on the link for the full article.

18 Lessons Marching Band Teaches Our Kids: A Parent’s Perspective by Penny Ray

Music programs give our students practice and experience in skills that reach far beyond musical notes and instruments. The kids don’t realize that they are getting experience in so many non-musical life-skills that will have positive impacts as they become adults. Our band director often quotes the Harris Poll that found that 73% of CEOs from Fortune 1000 companies were involved in music programs in high school. When I think about the different areas of development that marching band reaches, I can see why.

 Music  Neurological Multi-tasking
 Disicpline   Teamwork
 Time Management
 Sacrifice  Resilience
 Flexibility  Creative problem solving
 Manners  Respect
 Generosity  Education
 History  Proprioception
 Trust  Need for practice

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