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Music 376 A and B: Choral Practicum: Listening List

Required Listening: CDs in the Music Library HBLL

Texas Music Educators’ Association

All State Mixed Choir

M 1495 .S36 T493 2011 CD

All State Womens / All State Mens

M 1495 .S36 T492 2011 CD

Crocket Girls / Jr. High Concert / Haltom Mens

M 1495 .S34 T49 1996 CD

Mayde Creek, North Richland, Strickland

M 1495 .S34 T49 1997 CD

2005 National ACDA Convention

Waukee High A Capella

M 1495 .S34 W38 2005 CD

St. Mary’s International Varsity

M 1495 .S34 S75 2005 CD

Le Petit Choeur

M 1495 .S34 P47 2005 CD

Martin High School Chamber Singers

M 1495 .S34 M37 2005 CD

Haslett High School Men’s Chorale

M 1495 .S34 H37 2005 CD

Green Valley Madrigal / Chamber

M 1495 .S34 G73 2005 CD

Glendale High School Chamber

M 1495 .S34 G53 2005 CD

Dreyfoos School of the Arts Singers

M 1495 .S34 D73 2005 CD

Greece Arcadia Women’s

M 1495 .S34 G73 2005 CD

Clearview Vocale Ensemble

M 1495 .S34 C53 2005 CD


Heaven and Earth

M 1495 .S34 B66 2003 CD

Taylorsville High / Graces Concert Choir

M 1495 .S34 T39 2006 CD

Choirs: Timberline Middle School 2008-9

M 1495 .S34 T55 2009 CD

Murrieta Valley High School Chamber

M 1495 .S34 M87 2011 CD

Mountain Valley High School Troubadors

M 1495 .S34 F68 2011 CD

2011 National Honor Choir

M 1495 .S34 C44 2011 CD


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