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University Archives: Brimhall Essay Contest

Guide to the University Archives at L. Tom Perry Special Collections

About the Contest

Each year the descendants of former Brigham Young University president George H. Brimhall honor the founders of the university by sponsoring the Brimhall Essay Contest. Held in conjunction with the university's Homecoming celebrations, the contest is designed to introduce students to the individuals who have helped to shape Brigham Young University’s unique institutional character.

The L. Tom Perry Special Collections preserves and makes available a range of manuscript and archival resources documenting the contributions of the university's founders. A bibliography of related materials is available below. If you would like to learn more about the resources available for this year's founder, contact the University Archivist.

Jesse and Amanda Knight Bibliography

Archival Materials

Jesse Knight papers , 1856-1945 (MSS 1434;

Jesse Knight autobiography, 1896-1913 (MSS SC 939;

Darrell and Gordon W. Knight collection on Jesse Knight, 1897-1949 (MSS 7598;


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