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HBLL 2020 College of Life Sciences Poster Competition: Judging Criteria

Poster Competition Judging Criteria


(Score 1 – low, 5 – high in each category)

  #1  Organization

  1. Clearly defined sections with labels, such as hypotheses or objectives, methods and results, conclusions.
  2. No more than one short paragraph for each sub-heading. Bullet point paragraphs are acceptable.
  3. Organization is logical with a clear flow of ideas from one heading to the next.
  4. Graphics and other visuals enhance presentation.
  5. Posters adhere to the size standard.

#2  Appearance

  1. Words are easy to read from an appropriate distance (3-5 feet)
  2. Language used in each section is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Poster is free from undefined jargon.
  3. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is used.
  4. Poster is neat and appealing to look at.
  5. Visuals stand alone, i.e., they are self-explanatory.

#3  Content

  1. Focus is on a well-defined problem.
  2. There is a clear and concise statement of the immediate problem.
  3. Are unnecessary visuals included, e.g., complicating interpretation of crucial ideas?
  4. Visuals attractive and of high quality.
  5. The poster stands alone without any verbal explanation.
  6. Conclusions are supported by results.



  1. The presentation was three minutes or less.
  2. The presentation style was engaging and professional (e.g., presenters were approachable, enthusiastic, etc.).
  3. The presenters described their research at a general academic level (e.g., no undefined jargon, etc.).
  4. The presenters explained the significance of their research (e.g., why their research is important and how it is contributing to their field of study, etc.).