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Poster Printing: Home

A guide to printing posters at the HBLL Makerspace

Poster Printing

Here at the Makerspace we can print large posters perfect for research conferences, decorating your bland dorm walls, and more!

Printer, Paper, & Prices


Espon SureColor P9000


Epson Enhanced Matte Paper
  • This is the most popular choice
  • It has a heavy weight cardstock like feel
  • We have 24", 36", and 44" rolls
  • Colors on this paper turn out very crisp and vibrant
  • $2 per square foot of image area
Synthetic Paper
  • This paper is tear resistant and suitable for short to medium-term outdoor use
  • We only carry synthetic paper in 36" rolls
  • Colors are less vibrant
  • $2 per square foot of total paper used

Come in to the makerspace if you would like to see the difference in papers


File Type

Our preferred file type is .pdf, but we also accept .png and .jpg. We no longer accept PowerPoint files.

If you would like a file printed at a size different to the inherent file dimensions, be sure that your file and the printed size you want have the same aspect ratio. We don't want to accidently crop or warp your image in fitting the dimensions you requested.