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Laser Cutting: Project Inspiration

How to use the library's laser cutters.

Project Ideas


3D Map

by kjo789 on Instructables

Spirograph Set

by dwalton on Thingiverse

Custom Clock

by Vic Tac Toe on Youtube


Custom Earrings

by 4dcircuitry on Instructables

Custom Wood Coasters

by FixThisBuildThat

Orrery (Mechanical Solar System)

by Hielke Rispens on Instructables



EVA Foam Chainmail

by MechanicalMashup on Instructables

Custom Water Bottle

by robertdavidmartinez on Instructables

Storage Carousel

by StephenD36 on Instructables


Resources for Making Cool Files

  • MakerCase creates 2D files for boxes and is very customizable. You can add tabs, lids, dividers, change the dimensions, and it will do all of the hard work for you. 
  • Slicer for Fusion 360 creates 2D slices out of 3D models. We recommend this tutorial by Product Design OnlineNote: as of August 2020, Slicer for Fusion 360 is no longer supported by Autodesk. It is still available for download.
  • Snazzy Maps creates stylized maps from Google Maps Data. Search "laser" or "epilog" to find pre-made, black-and-white styles that are good for laser cutting and engraving. 
  • Map Style is Google's simpler version of Snazzy Maps. 

Resources for Finding Cool Files

  • Omtech has a variety of completely free files, ranging from ornaments to jewelry to games. 
  • Instructables has instructions (surprise!) for many different projects. Try searching "laser cutting" for inspiration, tips, and tutorials (often with free files). 
  • Thingiverse is known for its 3D files, but it does have a limited selection of laser cutting files.
  • Etsy sells lots of files for laser cutting. If you know what you're after, want something hands-off, and don't mind spending a couple dollars, Etsy could be a great place to find files.