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Laser Cutting: Policies

How to use the library's laser cutters.

HBLL Laser Cutting Policies

The Harold B. Lee Library provides laser cutting as part of its mission to provide resources and services that support and advance the education and scholarship of BYU students and faculty. In order to best serve the BYU community, the Library adheres to the following regulations and policies.

Who Can Laser Cut at the Makerspace?

  • BYU students
  • BYU faculty and staff
  • Community members

That's everyone! However, academic and student projects take priority in our queue.

Makerspace employees are in charge of operating the laser cutter. As of right now, no patrons are allowed in the room where our laser cutter is kept. When our new space is complete (est. Winter 2024), you will be able to watch the laser cutter in action! Thank you for understanding!

Damage to Materials

Laser cutting and engraving carries an inherent risk of damage to materials. You will not be reimbursed if your materials become damaged in the process of laser cutting or engraving. 

Delivery Times

In general, laser cuts are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, priority will be given to students using the laser cutter for academic purposes.

Because of limited staff and hardware resources, we do not guarantee specific delivery times. We can almost never guarantee same-day delivery.

Large Orders

Our services are designed for rapid prototyping, not production runs. The Makerspace reserves the right to reject large orders of identical objects.

Large orders may take an extended amount of time to complete.

What Can't Be Printed at the Makerspace?

The library will not cut designs that may result in legal action against the University, its employees, and/or its students. To ensure the safety of the BYU community and compliance with the BYU Firearms & Weapons Policy, no design that may function as a weapon, or part of a weapon, will be laser cut. Facsimiles of weapons will not be cut.

The library will not cut designs that infringe on intellectual property rights including items/objects that are:

  • Copyrighted
  • Patented
  • Trademarked
  • Registered Designs
  • Any other Proprietary Object

Additionally, no design should in any way be:

  • Pornographic
  • Illegal
  • Obscene or Offensive
  • Pose a Risk to or Endanger Others

Accordingly, library staff may ask you to provide proof that the work to be cut is:

  • Your creation
  • Public domain
  • Part of your research or coursework at BYU
  • Does not conflict with any BYU policy or the restrictions stated above

In some cases it may be necessary to provide either written confirmation from an instructor that a design is for a class/research, a written approval by University Police, or both.

If you are unsure if your design meets our guidelines, feel free to come in to the Makerspace and ask for clarification in person.