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Maps, Atlases and Gazetteers: Maps and Atlases Online

This guide is designed to assist individuals and groups who wish to use the approx. 240,000 maps and 5,500 atlases and gazetteers, held in the Harold B. Lee Library Map Collection. Also included is a large assortment of online geographic resources

Aerial Photos / Satellite Images

Bible Land Maps, Biblical Geography, The Holy Land

Book of Mormon Geography, Maps, Theories and Models

This is not an attempt to show all the theories, models, or ideas that may apply to Book of Mormon Geography.  Nor does this list represent any kind of sanction, acceptance, or preference, by any person or group,, within or associated with the Lee Library, BYU, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The following list is solely an attempt, to show the scope of ideas that exist, dealing with Book of Mormon geography. 

Sites that include maps are emphasized. 

Book of Mormon Geography Overview - Theory/Model Comparisons

Central America / Mexico Models

Great Lakes Theories

Hemispheric Models

BYU Map Collections on Internet Archive

Eastern Hemisphere Maps

European Maps

Fire Insurance Maps

Middle East Maps

United States Maps

Utah Maps

Western Hemisphere Maps

World Maps