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Ancient Studies: Hebrew

Hebrew Language in Ancient Studies

Biblical Hebrew, especially studies of the Dead Sea Scrolls form a large portion of materials in the Anceint Studies Room. Thanks specifically to donations of Dr. Fredrick Young's Qumran Collection.

Intro to Textual Research

A brief history of Biblical criticism and introduction on using the BHS and BHQ.

Finding Books

From the Library home page,, click “Library Catalog.” There are two types of searches available, keyword and alphabetic. Because Bible-related headings are somewhat complex, alphabetic searches work best in many cases. Bible headings conform to the following pattern:

Bible. [Division, e.g., O.T. or N.T.]. [Name of the book or section, including chapter number if appropriate]. [Further subdivisions, such as language, etc.]

For example:

Bible. O.T. Samuel, 1st.

Bible. O.T. Pentateuch

Type one of these heading strings into the box. Click the “alphabetic” radio button.

The Library catalog has been indexed in several ways. If you are interested in finding texts, choose “Title.” If you are interested in finding works about the texts, choose “Subject.” Some sample searches:

As a title

Bible. N.T. Revelation. Greek

Bible. N.T. German. Luther

Bible. N.T. Romans VIII, 17-39

Bible. N.T. Greek

As a subject

Bible. O.T. Apocrypha--Commentaries

Bible. N.T. Greek--Bibliography

Bible. N.T. Greek--Manuscripts

Biblical Texts and Study Tools

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