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Ancient Studies: .Greek.

Greek Language in Ancient Studies

One of the chief languages represented in the Ancient Studies Collection is Greek, including Classical, Biblical, New Testament, Hellenistic, and Byzantine Greek. Modern Greek is excluded, but is collected in the main collections of the Lee Library.

For an overview of library resources and research methodology for Greek, please see the Classical Studies library guide. This section of the Ancient Studies guide will outline resources for Greek found in the Ancient Studies Room.

All Call Numbers are in the Ancient Studies Room. Click on to access the BYU Catalog description of the book.

Greek Language Dictionaries

Balz, H. and G. Schneider. Exegetisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament. Stuttgart, 1978-
BS 2312 .E9

Bauer, W. Griechisch-deutsches Wörterbuch zu den Schriften des Neuen Testaments und der frühchristlichen Literatur. Berlin, 1988.
PA 881 .B4 1988

Translated: Arndt, Gingrich, and Danker. A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature. Chicago, 2000.
PA 881 .B38 2000

Indexed: Alsop, J.R. An index to the Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich Greek lexicon. Grand Rapids, 1972.
PA 881 .B38 Suppl.

Berry, G.R. A dictionary of New Testament Greek synonyms, with indexes to Bauer's Greek-English lexicon and Brown's Dictionary of New Testament theology. Grand Rapids, 1979.
PA 877 .B4 1979

Buck, C.D. A reverse index of Greek nouns and adjectives. Hildesheim, 1970.
PA 459 .B8 1970

Chantraine, P. Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue grecque: histoire des mots. Paris, 2009.
PA 422 .C5 2009

Du Cange, C. Glossarium ad scriptores mediae et infimae Graecitatis. Graz, 1958 (reprint of 1688 ed.).
QUARTO PA 1125 .D8 1688a

Estienne, H. Thesaurus Graecae linguae. Graz, 1954 (reprint of 1831-1865 ed.) 9 vol.
PA 442 .E8 1954

Frisk, H. Griechisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. Heidelberg, 1960-1972. 3 vol.
PA 422 .F7x

Gaisford, T. Etymologicum magnum. Amsterdam, 1962 (reprint of 1848 ed.).
QUARTO PA 5313 .A1 1962

Grimm, C.L.W. A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament. Edinburgh, 1901.
PA 881 .G8 1901

Kretschmer, P. Rückläufiges Wörterbuch der griechischen Sprache. Göttingen, 1963.
PA 459 .K74x 1963

Lampe, G.W.H. A patristic Greek lexicon. Oxford, 1961.
PA 681 .P3

Liddel, H.G. and R. Scott. A Greek-English lexicon. Oxford, 1996 (including the Supplement).
PA 445 .E5 L6 1996

Mason, H.J. Greek terms for Roman institutions: a lexicon. Toronto, 1974.
QUARTO PA 425 .M33 1974

Moeris. Lexicon Atticum. Hildesheim, 1969 (reprint of 1830-1831 ed.).
PA 528 .M6 1969

Muraoka, T. A Greek-English lexicon of the Septuagint. Louvain, 2009.
PA 781 .M87 2009

Photius. Photii Patriarchae lexicon. Amsterdam, 1965.
PA 5330 .L4 1965

Snell, B. Lexikon des frühgriechischen Epos. Göttingen, 1955-
QUARTO PA 445 .G4 S6

Sophocles, E.A. Greek lexicon of the Roman and Byzantine periods (from BC 146 to AD 1100). New York, 1957. 2 vol.
PA 1125 .S7 1957 (vol. 2 only--v. 1-2 in Humanities Reference)

Suidae lexicon. Stuttgart, 1967-1971. 5 vol.
PA 5365 .A7 1971

Theological dictionary of the New Testament. Grand Rapids, 1964-1976. 10 vol.
PA 881 .K513 1964

Wharton, E.R. Etymological lexicon of classical Greek.
PA 422 .W5 1974

Greek Grammars and Language Studies

Ahrens, H.L. De Graecae linguae dialectis. Hildesheim, 1971 (reprint of 1839-1843 ed.). 2 vol.
PA 502 .A3 1971

Bechtel, F. Die griechischen Dialekte. Berlin, 1963. 3 vol.
PA 502 .B4 1963

Blass, F. A Greek grammar of the New Testament and other early Christian literature. Chicago, 1961.
PA 813 .B513 1961

Buck, C.D. The Greek dialects: grammar, selected inscriptions, glossary. Chicago, 1955.
PA 502 .B8 1955

Denniston, J.D. The Greek particles. Oxford, 1954.
PA 351 .D4 1954

Gignac, F.T. A Grammar of the Greek papyri of the Roman and Byzantien periods. Milan, 1976-
PA 3367 .G5

Kühner, R. Ausführliche Grammatik der griechischen Sprache. Darmstadt, 1966. 4 vol.
PA 254 .K7 1966

Mandelaras, V.G. The verb in the Greek non-literary papyri. Athens, 1973.
PA 3367 .M27 1973

Meillet, A. Traité de grammaire comparée des langues classiques. Paris, 1966.
PA 111 .M45 1966

Schwyzer, E. Griechische Grammatik. Munich, 1959-1971. 4 vol.
PA 25 .H24 Abt.2 T.1 1959

Smyth, H.W. Greek grammar. Cambridge, 1956.
PA 254 .S6 1956

Vilborg, E. A tentative grammar of Mycenaean Greek. Göteborg, 1960.
P 1038 .V55x 1960

Dictionaries and Indexes of Greek Authors


Baur, C. Initia patrum Graecorum. Vatican City, 1955. 2 vol.
BR 67 .B367

Geerard, M. Clavis patrum Graecorum. Turnhout, 1974-1998. 5 vol. + suppl.
BR 60 .C48x Suppl.

See also the series Corpus Christianorum. Thesaurus patrum Graecorum


Preuss, S. Index Aeschineus. Amsterdam, 1965 (reprint of 1926 ed.).
PA 3823 .Z8 1926a


Holden, H.A. Onomasticon Aristophaneum.
PA 3888 .Z8 H6 1970


Bonitz, H. Index Aristotelicus.
PA 3926 .Z8 B6 1955a


Müller, G. Lexicon Athanasianum. Berlin, 1944-1952.
BR 65 .A48 M8 1944

Decem Oratores Attici

Harpocration, V. Lexicon in decem oratores Atticos. Groningen, 1969.
PA 3263 .H3 1969


Preuss, S. Index Demosthenicus. Hildesheim, 1963.
PA 3964 .Z8 1963


Allen, J.T. A concordance to Euripides. Groningen, 1970.
PA 3992 .Z8 1970


Powell, J.E. A lexicon to Herodotus. Hildesheim, 1960.
PA 4007 .Z8 1960


Hofinger, M. Lexicon Hesiodeum: index inversus. Leiden, 1973.
PA 4012 .Z8 1973

Hesychius, of Alexandria

Schmidt, M. Hesychii Alexandrini Lexicon. Amsterdam, 1965. 5 vol.
PA 4013 .H2 1965


Albracht, F. Lexicon Homericum. Hildesheim, 1963. 2 vol.
PA 4209 .E3 1963

Bechtel, F. Lexicologus zu Homer: Etymology und Stammbildung homerischer Wörter. Darmstadt, 1964.
PA 4207 .B4 1964

Goebel, A. Lexilogus zu Homer und den Homeriden. Amsterdam, 1967 (reprint of 1878-1880 ed.).
PA 4207 .G62 1967


Goligher, W.A. Index to the speeches of Isaeus. Cambridge, 1964.
PA 4214 .Z8 1964


Rengstorf, K.H. A complete concordance to Flavius Josephus. Leiden, 1973-
QUARTO PA 4224 .R4

Thackery, H. St. J. A lexicon to Josephus. Paris, 1930-1955. 4 vol.
QUARTO PA 4224 .T5


Ciani, M.G. Lexikon zu Lycophron. Hildesheim, 1975.
PA 4240 .L4 C42


Holmes, D.H. Index Lysiacus. Amsterdam, 1962 (reprint of 1895 ed.).
PA 4243 .Z8 H6 1895a

Nonnus, of Panoplis

Peek, W. Lexikon zu den Dionysiaka des Nonnos. Hildesheim, 1968-1975. 4 vol.
PA 4251 .A325 1968


James, A.W. Index in Halieutica Oppiani Cilicis et in Cynegetica poetae Apameensis. Hildesheim, 1970.
PA 4253 .O59 J6

Philo, of Alexandria

Borgen, P. The Philo index. Grand Rapids, 2000.
PA 4270 .Z5 B67 2000


Rumpel, Joannes. Lexicon Pindaricum. Hildesheim, 1961 (reprint of 1883 ed.).
PA 4276 .Z8 R8 1883a

Slater, W.J. Lexicon to Pindar. Berlin, 1969.
PA 4276 .Z8 S5


Mauersberger, A. Polybios-Lexikon. Berlin, 1956-
PA 4393 .M38

Quintus of Smyrna

Vian, F. Lexique de Quintus de Smyrne. Paris, 1984.
PA 4407 .Q6 V5 1984


Sturz, F.W. Lexicon Xenophonteum. Hildesheim, 1964. 4 vol.
PA 4499 .Z8 1964