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Russian Literature and Language: Books, Theses & Dissertations

Russian Language & Literature LC Call Numbers

PG2001-2826   Russian language

PG2900-(3698) Russian literature
PG2900-3190      History and criticism
PG2900-2998         General
PG3001-3026         Special periods
PG3041-3065         Poetry
PG3071-3089         Drama
PG3091-3099         Prose

PG(3100)-(3155) Folk literature including texts
PG3199-3299        Collections
PG3199-3205        General
PG(3211)-3219      Translations
PG3223-3229.2      Special periods
PG3230-3238         Poetry
PG3240-3255         Drama
PG3260-3299         Prose

PG3300-3493.96 Individual authors and works
PG3300-3308      Early to 1700
PG3310-3319      18th century
PG3312                    Derzhavin
PG3314                    Karamzin
PG3316                    Lomonosov
PG3318                    Sumarokov
PG3320-3447      1800-1870
PG3325-3328          Dostoyevsky
PG3332-3335          Gogol'
PG3340-3359          Pushkin
PG3365-3417          Tolstoi
PG3420-3445          Turgenev
PG3450-3470      1870-1917
PG3452                    Andreev
PG3455-3458          Chekhov
PG3462-3465          Gorky
PG3475-3476      1917-1960
PG3477-3490      1961-2000
PG3491.2-3493.96  2001-

PG3500-3505     Provincial, local, etc.

PG3515-3550     Outside the Russian Federation

PG(3651)-(3698) Special subjects

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