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History and Art of the Book: Art in Books

Art in Books

One of the characteristics of modern fine printing is the presence of print-related art in books, such as wood engraving or lithography. Art students and professional artists alike can benefit from seeing print-related art the context of the book it was created for.

To find the work of individual artists, look up their name in an author search [last name first].

  1. Go to the Library's catalog
  2. Click on "Alphabetic Search"
  3. Enter a name (e.g., "Moser, Barry," "Schanilec, Gaylord," "Baskin, Leonard," "Parker, Agnes Miller")
  4. Click on "author"

Note words at the end of the artist's entry in the index, such as "etcher" or "wood-engraver" which will let you know what sort of art he or she contributed to the book.

Other types of searches are explained in other sections of this page.

Finding materials by artistic form

To find examples of books in the Library containing a particular artistic printing process do an art form search:

  1. Go to the Library's catalog
  2. Click on "Alphabetic Search"
  3. Enter a form term (e.g., "wood engravings," "lithographs," "aquatints")
  4. Click on "genre/form"

An excellent thesaurus for discovering art form terms is the Getty’s Art & Architecture Thesaurus.

The following are examples of print-related art forms in the Library's collection. Click on a form below to perform a search in the Library catalog:

Finding materials by type of artist

To find the work of artists by their specialty (e.g. all the wood engravers collected in the Library), click on one of the links below:

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