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History and Art of the Book: Specialized searches

Relationship searching

A good way to explore the Library's rich collections in the history and art of printing is through relationship searching. Relationship searches center on the relationship of a person or firm with a book. For example, the printer has a relationship to the book manufactured (i.e., he or she printed it), and using a relationship search you can generate a list of all the printers in the Library's collection. To do this,

  1. Go to the Library's catalog
  2. Choose "Other searches" (in the far right column)
  3. Click on "Alphabetic Search"
  4. Enter a relationship term (e.g., "printer," "papermaker," "publisher")
  5. Click on "relator"

Alternatively, click on one of the links below.

For relationship searches focusing on artistic aspects of the book, see "Finding materials by type of artist" in the Art in Books page of this guide.

For a complete list of relationship terms that have been used in library catalogs, click here.

Place name searching

The Library adds an entry for the place of publication or printing to records for all books printed before 1601 and many later books, maps, and newspapers. This can be useful if you want to research printing and publishing in a particular place. To find books by place,

  1. Go to the Library's catalog
  2. Choose "Other searches" (in the far right column).
  3. Click "Alphabetic Search"
  4. Enter the place name in the form "country city", e.g. "France Paris".
  5. Click "Place Name."

Alternately, click on the first letter of the name of the country, below, and browse to the specific place.

Citation searching

Rare and other books are frequently cited in standard bibliographies. Citations from these bibliographies are often linked to our catalog records. Thus a good way to discover the Library's collections centered around these bibliographies is by doing a citation search.

To do a citation search, go to the catalog and choose "Other searches" (in the far right column). Click "Alphabetic Search". Enter the last name of the author of the bibliography in the search box, e.g. Renouard. Click "Citation." (Click here for a demonstration for Renouard.)

  1. Go to the Library's catalog
  2. Choose "Other searches" (in the far right column)
  3. Click on "Alphabetic Search"
  4. Enter the first few words of the heading for the bibliography (e.g., "Renouard A. Alde")
  5. Click on "citation"

The BYU Library catalog cites hundreds of bibliographies. Some of the most fully cited bibliographies in the BYU catalog are listed below.

Adams, Herbert M. Catalogue of books printed on the continent of Europe, 1501-1600, in Cambridge libraries
Allen Press bibliography
Benzing, Josef. Lutherbibliographie
Berger, Sidney E. Forty-four years of Bird & Bull
British Museum. Catalogue of books printed in the XVth century now in the British Museum
Chalmers, J. P.  Checklist of leaf books
Crawley, Peter. A Descriptive bibliography of the Mormon Church
Crawley, Peter. Mormon fifty
Darlow & Moule. Historical catalogue of the printed editions of Holy Scripture in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society
Duvall, Scott H.  French political pamphlets
ESTC (English short title catalogue)
Evans, Charles. American bibliography
Flake, Chad J. A Mormon bibliography, 1830-1930
Goff, Frederick Richmond. Incunabula in American libraries
GW (Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke)
Harlan, Robert D. Bibliography of the Grabhorn Press, 1957-1966
Harlan, Robert D. Bibliography of ... Grabhorn-Hoyem, 1966-1973
Harmsen, Tyrus G. Plantin Press of Saul & Lillian Marks
Heaney, Howell J. Thirty years of Bird & Bull
Heller, Elinor Raas. Bibliography of the Grabhorn Press, 1915-1940
ISTC (Incunable short title catalogue)
Limited Editions Club
Lindsay & Neu. French political pamphlets, 1547-1648
Magee, David B. Victoria R.I.
Magee, Dorothy. Bibliography of the Grabhorn Press, 1940-1956
Moreau, C. Bibliographie des mazarinades
Olmsted, Duncan H. Windsor Press checklist, 1924-1943
Opie collection of children's literature
Pettas, William A. The Giunti of Florence
Renouard, A.A. Annales de l'imprimerie des Alde
Renouard, A.A. Annales de l'imprimerie des Estienne
Renouard, Philippe. Bibliographie des impressions et des oeuvres de Josse Badius Ascensius, imprimeur et humaniste, 1462-1535
Renouard, Philippe. Bibliographie des éditions de Simon de Colines, 1520-1546
Sabin, Joseph. Dictionary of books relating to America, from its discovery to the present time
Sadleir, Michael. XIX century fiction
Schreiber, Fred. Estiennes : an annotated catalogue
Taylor, W. Thomas. Twenty-one years of Bird & Bull
Voet, Léon. Plantin Press
Warde, Frederic. Bruce Rogers, designer of books
Willems, Alphonse. Elzevier: histoire et annales typographiques

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