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Music 402A: Vocal Literature: Repertoire

Survey of vocal literature with emphasis on art song. Research in area of concentration.

Guides to the Repertoire

Bibliographies of songs can help you select suitable repertoire for study, or for programming a recital.  Many are annotated with information such as range, level of difficulty, tempo, and advice on performance and interpretation.

Search for these resources in the Library's catalog using the following subject headings:

  • Vocal music -- Bibliography.
  • Songs -- Bibliography.
  • Songs -- Indexes.

    You can also find most of them shelved under the call numbers ML128 S3 and ML128 V7. (Check both the Reference room and the main stacks (shelves).)


    Bibliographies of Musical Settings

    There are bibliographies, catalogs, and indexes that collect literary works in general categories, and identify musical settings that have been done.

    Some examples:

    Musical setttings of American poetry.

    Musical settings of early and mid-Victorian literature: a catalogue.

    Index to poetry in music: a guide to the poetry set as solo songs by 125 major song composers.


    Books for Repertoire guidance in Music Reference Collection

    Literary authors set to music

    If you're researching a particular poet, etc., whose work has been set to music, try the following strategies:

    • Identify musical settings of his/her works by searching the Library's catalog or WorldCat using the following subject heading:

                     [Author's name] -- Musical settings.

    • Consult reference sources in literature for further background on the author.
    • Consult biographies and other critical works on the composer. In the book's index, the literary author's name is likely to appear , leading you to discussion of the composer's relationship with the author.
    • Search online databases for articles in music journals that treat the composer's relationship with the author. Many databases, in their "advanced search," allow you to limit your search to journals in a particular subject area (like music) or to a specific journal. Select one of these options, and enter the literary author's last name as a title keyword or as a subject or descriptor.

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    Career Guides

    These can be searched in the Library's catalog using the following subject headings:

    • Auditions.
    • Singing -- Vocational guidance.
    • Opera -- Vocational guidance.
    • Music -- Vocational guidance.


    Greene, Don. Audition success.

    Baskerville, David. Music business handbook & career guide.

    Hines, Jerome. The four voices of man.

    Miller, Richard. On the art of singing.

    Periodical: Classical singer.


    If you're a voice major, chances are you'll spend a large part of your professional career teaching. The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) provides support in this area.

    National Association of Teachers of Singing