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Music 286: Introduction to the Music Business: Your Rights

“Every artist IS a small business. Those who understand this truth fare better than those who don’t! This class is designed to help enterprising students bridge the gap between college, where they hone their craft, and the rest of their lives, where they

The best (most comprehensive) sources:

The Basics of Getting Permission HT Stanford University Libraries

Your Rights under Copyright: RAP Triple D

As the creator of a musical work, your creation is protected by copyright:

1. If it is a work of original creation.

2. If it is in a fixed format, so that it can be read, seen or heard.

3. If the work shows at least a minimum level of creativity.

As the owner of your creation, you enjoy some exclusive rights, easy to remember using the acronym RAP Triple D

R – reproduction

A – adaptation (derivative works)

P – PUBLIC Performance

D – Distribution

D – Display

D – Digital transmission

Eric Whitacre's experience with rights infringement

Mechanical and Digital Rights

Performance Rights

Arrangement Licensing