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Dance 260: Introduction to Dance: People

America's irreplaceable dance treasures

An irreplaceable dance treasure is a person who has: - Made a significant impact on dance as an art form - Demonstrated artistic excellence - Enriched the nation's cultural heritage - Demonstrated the potential to enhance the lives of future generations - Shown itself worthy of national and international recognition.

A-Z list of suggested dancers or choreographers to research : Find biographies at MD 1785

·         Ailey, Alvin, Jr., modern dancer and choreographer  MD 1785 .A34

·         Alonso, Alicia, ballerina and choreographer            MD 1785 .A46

·         Ashley, Merrill, ballerina                                       MD 1785 .A82

·         Ashton, Sir Frederick, choreographer and dancer   MD 1785 .A83

·         Astaire, Fred, dancer                                           MD 1785 .A87

·         Balanchine, George, choreographer and ballet dancer MD 1785 .B35

·         Baryshnikov, Mikhail, dancer and choreographer     MD 1785 .B37

·         Bausch, Pina, dancer and choreographer               MD 1785 .B38

-         Béjart, Maurice, ballet dancer and opera director    MD 1785 .B44

·         Bolger, Ray, dancer, actor

·         Bournonville, Auguste, dancer

·         Brothers, The Nicholas, dancers, actors

·         Brown, Trisha, modern dancer and choreographer

·         Bruhn, Erik, ballet dancer

·         Bujones, Fernando, ballet dancer

·         Caron, Leslie, dancer, actress

·         Castle, Vernon (Vernon Castle Blythe), and Irene Foote, husband-and-wife dance team

·         Clercq, Tanaquil Le, ballerina

·         Cunningham, Merce, modern dancer and choreographer

·         d'Amboise, Jacques, dancer and choreographer

·         Danilova, Alexandra, ballerina

·         de Mille, Agnes, choreographer and dancer

·         Diaghilev, Sergei Pavlovich, ballet impresario and art critic

·         Dolin, Sir Anton, ballet dancer and choreographer

·         Duncan, Isadora, dancer

·         Dunham, Katherine, dancer

·         Eglevsky, André, dancer

·         Elssler, Fanny, dancer

·         Fagan, Garth, dancer and choreographer

·         Farrell, Suzanne, ballet dancer

·         Flatley, Michael, dancer, choreographer

·         Fokine, Michel, choreographer and ballet dancer

·         Fonteyn, Dame Margot, ballerina

·         Fosse, Bob, choreographer, dancer

·         Fuller, Loie, dancer and theatrical innovator

·         Graham, Martha, dancer

·         Greco, José, dancer and choreographer

·         Green, Chuck, tap dancer

·         Helpmann, Sir Robert, dancer and choreographer

·         Hines, Gregory, dancer, actor

·         Horton, Lester, modern dancer

·         Humphrey, Doris, modern dancer and choreographer

·         Ito, Michio, dancer, choreographer

·         Ivanov, Lev, dancer

·         Jamison, Judith, dancer and choreographer

·         Jones, Bill T., dancer and choreographer

·         Jooss, Kurt, dancer

·         Karsavina, Tamara, prima ballerina

·         Kaye, Nora, ballerina

·         Kelly, Gene, dancer

·         Kirstein, Lincoln, dance and theater executive and writer

·         Laban, Rudolf von, dancer

·         Lang, Pearl, dancer and choreographer

·         Lifar, Serge, dancer

·         Limón, José, modern dancer, choreographer

·         Makarova, Natalia, ballet dancer

·         Marchowsky, Marie, choreographer, dancer

·         Markova, Dame Alicia, ballerina

·         Martins, Peter, ballet dancer and choreographer

·         Massine, Léonide, choreographer and ballet dancer

·         Mitchell, Arthur, dancer

·         Moiseyev, Igor Alexsandrovich, dancer and choreographer

·         Monk, Meredith Jane, dancer

·         Morris, Mark, dancer and choreographer

·         Nijinska, Bronislava, ballet dancer and choreographer

·         Nijinsky, Vaslav, ballet dancer and choreographer

·         Nikolais, Alwin, dancer and choreographer

·         Nureyev, Rudolf, ballet dancer

·         Pavlova, Anna Matveyevna, ballerina

·         Perrot, Jules, dancer and choreographer

·         Petipa, Marius, dancer and choreographer

·         Petit, Roland, dancer and choreographer

·         Plisetskaya, Maya, dancer

·         Prowse, Juliet, dancer

·         Rambert, Dame Marie, a founder of the ballet

·         Reinking, Ann, dancer, choreographer, actor

·         Robbins, Jerome, choreographer and dancer

·         Sokolova, Lydia, ballerina

·         St. Denis, Ruth, dancer

·         Taglioni, Maria, ballerina

·         Tallchief, Maria, ballerina

·         Tapps, Georgie, tap dancer

·         Taylor, Paul, modern dance choreographer

·         Tetley, Glen, modern dancer and choreographer

·         Tharp, Twyla, dancer and choreographer

·         Tudor, Antony, choreographer and dancer

·         Tune, Tommy, dancer

·         Ulanova, Galina, ballerina

·         Valois, Dame Ninette de, ballet director

·         Verdon, Gwen, dancer, actor

·         Vestris, Gaetan, classical dancer

·         Villella, Edward, ballet dancer

·         Weidman, Charles, modern dancer and choreographer

·         Wigman, Mary, dancer             MD 1785 .W53

·         Youskevitch, Igor, ballet dancer.

·         Zemach, Benjamin, dancer, choreographer

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