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Music 489: Film Scoring: Complete Film Scores

Film scores in the library

Film scores are considered "Works for Hire" so usually rights to film scores are the property of the producer, not the composer. Therefore, very few complete film scores have ever been published. Below are the full scores held by the HBLL. Click on call numbers to place holds. (In process items can be made available when a hold is placed.)

Complete Film Scores in the HBLL





Harold Arlen

The Wizard of Oz

M 1527 .A74 W59 2018

M 1527.2 .A74 W59 2012 CD

Elmer Bernstein


In process

M 1527.2 .G39 2016 CD

Bruce Broughton


M 1527 .B75 S55 2015

M 1527 .B75 S55 2015 CD

Don Davis

The Matrix

M 1527 .D385 M38 2014

M 1527 .D385 M38 1999 CD

Danny Elfman


M 1527 .E54 B38 2013

M 1527 .E54 B38 1989 CD

Danny Elfman

Batman Returns

M 1527 .E54 B383 2019

M 1527.2 .E43 B47 1992 CD

Jerry Goldsmith

Basic Instinct

In process

M 1527 .G654 B37 1992 CD

Jerry Goldsmith

Total Recall

M 1527 .G654 T68 2016

M 1527 .G654 T67 2015 CD

Jerry Goldsmith

Star Trek

In process

M 1527 .G654 S72 1998 CD

Bernard Herrmann

North by Northwest

M 1527 .H472 N67 2020

M 1527.2 .H47 N67 2012 CD

James Horner


In process

M 1527 .H78 A4 2001 CD

James Horner


In process

M 1527.2 .H67 G56 1989 CD

James Horner


In process

on order

James Horner


M 1527 .H67 W55 2015

M 1527 .H67 W55 1988 CD

Michael Kamen

The Iron Giant

on order

on order

Henry Mancini

The Thorn Birds

M 1527.8 .M34 C37 2004

Included with book

John Powell

How to train your dragon

M 1527 .P68 H68 2020

M 1527.2 .P68 H68 2010 CD

Alan Silvestri

Back to the Future

M 1527 .S655 B33 2014

M 1527.2 .S55 B32 2008 CD