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Music 489: Film Scoring: Excerpts or Suites

Excerpts or suites based on film scores

Excerpts from, or suites based on, film music by composers other than John Williams.Click on call numbers to place holds.In process items can also be placed on hold.

Film Score Excerpts or Suites by other composers





Elmer Bernstein

The Great Escape March

M 1527.2 .B468 G74 2017

M 1527 .B46 G74 1997 CD

Elmer Bernstein

The Magnificent Seven

M 1527.2 .B468 M34 2015

M 1527.2 .B64 2002 CD

Elmer Bernstein

To Kill a Mockingbird

M 1527.2 .B468 T6 2009

Available: NAXOS

Arthur Bliss

Conquest of the Air

M 1003 .B64 C66 1971

Available: NAXOS

Aaron Copland

The Red Pony

M 1003 .C66 R42 1951

M 1527 .C663 R42 2017 CD

Michael Giacchino

Music from UP

M 1527.2 .G42 U6 D37 2010

M 1527.2 .G42 U6 2011 CD

John Ireland

The Overlanders

M 1003 .I73 O93 1971

M 1000 .I73 C42 1991 CD

Sergey Prokofiev

Lieutenant Kije

M 1003 .P89 op.60 1947

M 1000 .P76 A53 1986 CD

Nino Rota

La Strada

M 1003 .R67 S72 2006 Folio

M 3.1 .R67 I57 1994 CD

Alan Silvestri

Forrest Gump

M 1527.2 .S55 F67 1995

M 1527 .F68 Z45 2001 CD

Virgil Thomson

Louisiana Story

M 1003 .T56 L68 1951

M 1527.2 .T457 L68 1992 CD

Virgil Thomson

The Plow That Broke the Plains

M 1003 .T56 P5 1942

M 1527.2 .T457 S84 1994 CD

Virgil Thomson

The River(1937)

M 1003 .T56 R58x 1958 Miniscore

M 1527.2 .T457 S84 1994 CD

Dimitri Tiomkin

Suite from It’s a Wonderful Life

M 1527.2 .T56 I87 2009

M 1527 .T58 I87 2014 CD