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Music 489: Film Scoring: Call Numbers

ML - Music Literature

ML 52.7-8 -- Libretto for filmed or telecast musical productions, such as operas, etc.

ML 128 .M7 -- Bibliographies of motion picture music.

ML 156.4 .M6 -- Discographies of motion picture music.

ML 158.4-6 -- Lists and catalogs of musical performance and other music-related recordings on film.

ML 420 -- Biographies of film music composers, alphabetical by surname.

ML 2075 -- History and criticism of film music.

M - Music Scores

M 176 -- Instrumental music for motion pictures, such as music to accompany silent movies, etc.

M 176.5 -- Instrumental music for radio and television.

M 1003 -- Suites or kindred cyclical works. Film music interspersed with all suites.

M 1527 -- Full scores of motion picture music.

M 1527.2 -- Excerpts from motion picture music.

M 1527.5-6 -- Radio music.

M 1527.7-8 -- Television music.

MT - Music Training, Technique

MT 64 .M65  -- Composition (Instruction and Study) for motion picture music.

MT 737 -- Instrumental techniques for motion picture music.