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Digital Scholarship: Digital Storage & Curation

Locate Repositories for Storage of Digital Items

The following links provide access to some repositories where collections of digital works are stored.

Choose Sustainable Formats for Storage

Proper data preservation practices ensure that digital data is readable well into the future.

Manage Data & Create Data Management Plans

Proper data management practices are essential for ensuring that collected data is preserved, protected, accessible, and useful to researchers in the future.  Some research contracts require the establishment of a Data Management Plan (DMP).


 L  (Library Supported): This resource is provided by the library. Reach out to your subject librarian for support.

 C  (Campus Supported): This resource is provided by another entity on campus other than the library (e.g., IT). Please reach out to them for support.

Third Party Supported (Third Party Supported): This resource is not specifically supported by the library or broader campus. However, your subject librarian may still be able to offer help.

 $  (User Pays for Resource): In order to use this resource, you will need to pay a one-time or subscription-based fee.