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Jamie Hansen, Ph.D.

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Jamie Hansen
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Navigating the Grant Writing Guide

The purpose of this library guide is to help BYU students and faculty across disciplines discover information about the entire grant process. Each tab along the top focuses on a specific component of the process:

  • Finding Funding: This tab offers links to various online databases and websites that will help you find a funding source.
  • Writing a Grant: This tab offers links and helps to facilitate the process of writing a grant proposal.
  • Managing a Grant: This tab offers links to help you in post-award administration. 

Every funding source has specific requirements for the grant proposal, budgeting, reporting after a grant is awarded, etc. This guide is meant to be general enough that it can help the widest range of people. Therefore, you may not find specific requirements for a grant you are working on. If that happens, 

  • Try contacting the funding source itself
  • Reach out to your subject librarian at the HBLL (see related box below to find contact info)
  • Contact the creator of this guide using the contact info in the profile box

Finally, if you want general descriptions about listed links, hover over the "i" icon.

Good luck writing!

Subject Librarians

Look at the following directory links to find your subject librarian.

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