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Industry Reports

Industry News

Average Industry Financials and Ratios


Trade, industry, and professional associations can be a great source of information. Depending on the association it might have data available on its website, or contacting them might result in good leads. A search in Google is the easiest way to identify associations.

Market Research

What's the difference between industry and market research?

The line can be blurry, but industry research focuses on the industry size, outlook, and structure. Market research adds an emphasis on branding, trends, and consumer behavior.

Industry research is usually shorter, market research is longer and more likely to include original research. For these reasons, a high-quality industry report might be 20-30 pages and cost $1,000, while a good market research report might be over 200 pages and, depending on the industry, from $4,000 to $15,000.

Visit our Market Research guide.

Company Research

See the Company Research guide for more tools.

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