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Native American Studies: Native Languages

Page Overview

This page contains information about the many Native language programs at BYU and also provides resources for studying Native languages.

BYU Language Resources

BYU teaches regularly teaches 62 languages, with another 30 offered if sufficient interest is expressed.  Among these languages are many indigenous languages.  The following links lead to program information for many of these.


Wikitongues is a global network of more than 1,000 volunteers working to ensure every person has the tools to preserve, promote, and pass their languages on to the next generation.

Digital Libraries

Useful Books

Learning Indigenous Languages

Child language acquisition in Mesoamerica

Maya for Travelers and Students

A guide to language and culture in Yucatan

by Gary Loyd Bevington

Diné Bizaad Bináhoo'aah

Rediscovering the Navajo language: an introduction to the Navajo language

The Navajo Language

A grammar and colloquial dictionary
by  Robert W. Young

Northern Paiute-Bannock Dictionary

With an English-Northern Paiute-Bannock finder list and a Northern Paiute-Bannock-English finder list