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Social Work: Find Articles

This is a research guide for Social Work resources through the Harold B. Lee Library.

Symptom Media

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Symptom Media is a wonderful resource which gives you access to over 300 clips (each ranging in length from 30 seconds to 15 minutes). Each film offers "visual guideposts to better understand what a particular mental health diagnosis looks like and decreases the stigma for those facing psychological issues." Included with the 300 simulations are a DSM 5 and an ICD Guided Fim Collection and Assessment Tools to "provide viewers with training tools critical for symptom recognition."

Tips for searching databases

1. Identify key terms for your topic
2. Select appropriate search fields for your terms
3. Use Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) to broaden or narrow your search
      i. AND is used to NARROW your search, combining two or more search topics
      ii. OR is used to BROADEN your search results
      iii. NOT is to ELIMINATE unwanted search results
4. To narrow your results further, explore the different databases and to find where you can adjust the date, request only peer-review articles, etc.
5. To include all variations of a word in your search, truncate terms by placing an asterisk (*) after the common root
      i. For example, famil* would search for family and families.

For more information, check out this tutorial!

Social Work Databases

Not sure where to start for your research in Social Work? Use these databases to find scholarly articles and books.

Recommended databases for Social Work

Other databases for Social Work research

Behavioral Science Databases

Counseling databases and resources

Psychiatry, Medicine and Neuroscience

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