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Special Collections Reference Guide: Directory

Curators and Staff

Special Collections has many collecting areas. Special Collections curators actively collect, exhibit, and maintain the materials in their area of expertise.

Below you will find a list of the curators and staff and their contact information. If you are unsure who to contact, please reach out to

Dainan Skeem

Special Collections Department Chair

Curator - 21st Century Manuscripts

(801) 422-6230

Areas of expertise:

Manuscript collections of 21st century LDS authors, artists, illustrators, film makers, politicians, business people, and missionaries; Manuscript collections of BYU professors, administrators and staff.

Trevor Alvord

Curator - 21st Century Latter Day Saint Movements & Western Americana

(801) 422-1435

Areas of expertise:

  21st century LDS Church history; LDS Church art and artists; National Parks in Utah; LDS Church blogs and websites.

Cindy Brightenburg

Special Collections Reference Assistant

(801) 422-6098

Areas of expertise:

Help with finding primary sources for research; Accessing Special Collections materials; Publication permission requests. 

Gordon Daines

Curator of Research and Instruction Services

Curator of Yellowstone National Park collection

(801) 422-5821

Areas of expertise: 

Yellostone National Park; Primary Source Literacy and instruction; Archives and Records Management; Special Collections Reference; Class presentation; Special presentations.

Maggie Kopp

Curator - Rare Book Collections

(801) 422-6276

Areas of experise:

History of the book; 19th century British literature and culture; American literature; Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Europe; History of the Bible.

David Day

Curator - Music Special Collections

(801) 422-6119

Areas of expertise:

History of Music; 19th century music primary sources; Ballet music; Historical Harp and Viola music; LDS Church music manuscript collections.

Ben Harry

Curator of Audiovisual Materials and Media Arts History

(801) 422-4174

Areas of expertise:

History of Cinema, Radio and Television; Filmmaking in Utah; BYU Motion Picture archive.

Cory Nimer

Archivist - University Archives

(801) 422-6091

Areas of expertise:

History of Brigham Young University; Provo history. 

Ryan Lee

Manuscript Collections Coordinator

(801) 422-7774

Areas of expertise:

19th century history of the LDS Church; 19th century history of Utah; 19th century history of the American West.

John Murphy

Curator - 19th & 20th Century Latter Day Saint Movements & Western Americana Manuscripts

(801) 422-6370

Areas of expertise:

19th and 20th century history of the LDS Church; 19th and 20th century history of Utah; finding 20th century primary sources; LDS Church missionary diaries; LDS Church and WWII.

Greg Seppi

Curator - 19th and 20th Century Americana Collection

(801) 422-6372

Areas of expertise:

19th and 20th century LDS Church History; The history and development of the American West; History of violence against indigenous/tribal societies and others in the West; History and culture of Printing

Paulee Shakespear

Archives Specialist

(801) 422-0179


Kate Windsor

Special Collections Department Assistant

(801) 422-6374