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HBLL L. Tom Perry Special Collections | Harry F. Bruning Collection

Bakemono no e:  Illustrated Scroll of Supernatural Creatures from Japan's Edo Period. High resolution digital scan of the entire fifteen-meter scroll depicting thirty-five different creatures.

This item is part of the Harry F. Bruning Collection house in BYU's L. Tom Perry Special Collections.

Nagasaki HarborDigital Scans of Rare Japanese Books and Scrolls from the Harry F. Bruning Collection on Internet Archive 

Original materials housed in the Japanese Rare Book Collection of the BYU L. Tom Perry Special Collections.

Download the Catalog featuring over 400 items from the Bruning Collection at BYU.

Famous Printmaker Hokusai's Sketchbooks and Reference Materials (15 volumes)

北齋漫畵 Hokusai manga

Meiji 45 (1912), 京都 : 芸艸堂 (Kyōto: Unsōdō), Japanese

The volumes have been digitized but printed versions are also available.

Digital Image Collections

Visualizing Cultures: Image Driven Scholarship was launched at MIT in 2002. A collection of well-researched essays supported with hundreds of image. The essays focus on the difficult transition to modernity of China and Japan during the past few centuries. Topical units focus on Japan in the modern world and early-modern China.


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Public Domain Images

Utagawa Kunivoshi (1798-1861),
The Sea Monk (ca. 1845)