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Music: LDS: Vocal solos / duets

Hymn Arrangements Database

LDS suitable vocal solos and duets at HBLL

The Music section of the HBLL collects scores suitable for special musical numbers in the LDS sacrament meeting. Find specifically Mormon titles by searching "Mormon Music Collection" in a general keyword search.

Basic range of call numbers for sacred vocal music :

M 2102 – M 2114.8

M 2102, M 2105-2106, M 2110-2112  = collections of sacred songs for the solo voice

M 2104, M 2107-2108, 2113-2113.4 = separate songs

M 2114- M 2114.4 = special texts, usually for Catholic or Jewish services

M 2114.5 = Christmas songs

M 2114.6 = Easter songs

M 2114.7 = Thanksgiving or harvest songs

M 2114.8 = Other songs for special occasions

M 2198.8 = Contemporary music by LDS composers / performers

Compositions by LDS composers are designated by a .8 after the call number (so, for example: M 2107.8, or M 2114.58).

Vocal solos and duets online

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