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LDS Hymnals in the HBLL

The Library of Congress assigned call number for LDS (Mormon) Hymnals is M 2129.

This call number range is subdivided as follows:

M 2129 .C44 - various editions of the Children's songbook

M 2129 .C48 - selections from Songs of Zion

M 2129 .D47 - Deseret Sunday School Songs

M 2129 .H94 - Hymns and Children's songs in various languages other than English

M 2129 .H95 - Hymns (the LDS hymnal from 1948 to the present) in various English editions and in various other languages

Earlier hymnals can be found either in Music Special Collections or L. Tom Perry Special Collections, for in-library use only.

BX 8685.2 is the LC classification used in the latter.

M 2129 .H97 - Hymns Today (a serial publication of hymns written by contemporary LDS composers)

CD recordings of LDS hymns can be found at M 2129.8

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Hymnals of other denominations

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M 2119 - Catholic

M 2120 - Orthodox

M 2122 - Baptist

M 2123 - Congregationalist

M 2124 - Dutch and other reformed

M 2125 - Episcopal

M 2126 - Lutheran

M 2127 - Methodist

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