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Music: LDS: Pianists

Music for pianists in the HBLL

Music suitable for preludes or to add variety when accompanying the congregation or choir.

M 38.58 = Hymn arrangements for solo piano by LDS composers

   Example: Hymns for the Sabbath (several volumes) at M 38.58 .M33 H95 2008

M 38.8 = Music arranged for piano by LDS composers

   Example: Hymn Preludes especially for Mormons (several volumes) at M 28.8 .E86 S66 1976

M 1378.8  = Hymn arrangements for beginning pianists

   Example: Primary Passages (several volumes) at M 1378.8 .H35 P74 1980

M 2062.8 = choir with accompaniment of keyboard instrument

   Example: Hymnplicity ward choir series (several volumes) at M 2062.8 .J67

Regardless of call number, compositions by LDS composers are designated by a .8 after the call number (so, for example: M 2061.8, or M 2101.58).

Online Helps for Pianists

Transpose the Hymns

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