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Music 379 (Instrumental): Orchestra Leaders

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M 1000 - collections, two or more composers

M 1001 - Orchestral symphonies

M 1002 - Symphonic poems

M 1003 - Suites and cyclical works for orchestra

M 1004 - Overtures

M 1005-1039 - Solo instrument with orchestra

M 1040-1041 - Two or more instruments soloing with orchestra

M 1042 - Concertos for orchestra

M 1060-1075 - Arrangements for orchestra

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Utah Valley Youth Symphony's Philharmonia Orchestra plays Polovetsian Dances from "Prince Igor" at Abravanel Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah March 3, 2014. Conducted by Cheung Chau.

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Orchestra Participation Teaches Kids

Taken from an article by Christine LaPierre for the Mount Royal Conservatory

Did you know that participating in orchestra will teach your children important team-building skills that will last them a lifetime?

A good orchestra leader emulates what a good team leader does to keep his team focused on reaching their goal. Here are a few that I observed:

  • He told the truth so the children knew exactly where they stood.
  • He created a supportive learning environment.
  • He had many different purposeful ways of doing this.
  • He made it clear to them what each part of the orchestra was doing and brought it all together with synergy.
  • He praised when it was due and used his facial expressions and body language to communicate his ideas in a consistent manner.
  • When he gave admonishments, he did so in a positive, uplifting manner and the children responded with greater self-control.
  • He encouraged them to try their best and how to overcome pitfalls.

As a leader, he made the children accountable for their role in the orchestra. After playing a difficult part of the piece, he asked, ”Does it work?” The children were able to assess themselves and their progress.

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