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Korean Studies: Encyclopedias

A guide to resources for Korean Studies

What are reference works?

Reference works provide background information on important people, events, concepts, and topics central to a particular field of study—in this case Korean Studies. Below, you will find a variety of encyclopedias, handbooks, biographical dictionaries, and other research aids. Wikipedia is an accessible and very useful resource, but it is just one of many encyclopedic resources. The reference works listed below can help you quickly gain background knowledge you need for your Korean Studies research project. And if you are still looking for a research topic, these resources can introduce you to research ideas you might never consider on your own.


National Digital Library (국가전자도서관)

Full text of over 8,000 dissertations and theses received from universities in Korea. It contains mostly works in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. Searching is done in Korean.