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Music 375: String Workshop: Cello

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ML 128 .V5 - Bibliographies for the cello (Reference collection)

ML 418 - Biographies of string players, A-Z

ML 910-915 - Cello, History and criticism (includes construction)

MT 300-318 -  Instrumental technique and study for the violoncello

MT 785-798 - Violoncello instructional techniques for children

Violoncello Music

M 50-54 - Solo Violoncello

M 229-236- Piano and violoncello

M 286-287 - Two string instruments

M 290-291 - One string and one wind instrument

M 294-295 - One string and one plectral instrument

M 310-314 - Piano and two string instruments

M 320-324 - Piano, one string and one wind instrument

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Published on Jan. 16, 2015 School of Music Concerts at Noon

Nocturne in D Flat Major : John C. Leavitt, composer
Performers: Quinn Boyack, cello ; John C. Leavitt, piano.

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