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Business Communication: Resumes & Cover Letters

Resources for business communication research


The 5 Essential Parts of a Good Resume

  1. A clearly stated job objective
  2. The highlights of qualifications
  3. A presentation of directly relevant skills and experience
  4. A chronological work history
  5. A listing of relevant education and training

Things to Avoid in Your Resume

  • False Information
  • Personal Data (Age, weight, health, race, religion, marital or family status)
  • Your social security number
  • A photograph of yourself
  • A statement that you will take any job available
  • Any shortcoming, weak areas, or any difficulties you have experienced in certain job
  • Past salary, wages or salary requirement
  • Reason for leaving previous jobs
  • Your lack of a job
  • First person singular (I, Me,My, Mine)
  • References.  Add the statement "Reference available upon request". Prepare a separate sheet listing your references and bring it to your interview
  • Don't print of both sides of the paper

Resumes & Cover Letters