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Music: Diversity

Music Resources for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

These online resources can be used to identify repertoire and composers for performance or study. 

Browse the repertoire, discography, historical chronology, and lists of composers, performers, scholars, and additional resources dedicated to promoting contributions by African-Americans to art song.

Afrocentric Voices is a resource about American singers and composers of African descent trained in the classical tradition, and the vocal music forms they influenced. The site features an extensive bibliography, a selection of performer and composer biographies, a chronology, and list of libraries and research centers with collections about and by African American musicians.

This is a collaborative resource that identifies music theory examples according to topic and subtopic by underrepresented or marginalized composers. Links to digitized scores are also included when available.

Archiv Frau & Musik

Collects output for female composers, musicians, and conductors from 9th-21st centuries.

Resources lists created by McGill University. Music literature, music theory, audiovisual, repertoire guides, publisher guides plus more.

This group focuses on the lack of equity in composer representation and programming in concerts. Resources on this site include music by composers who identify as part of the African Diaspora, conversational series with leaders in music organizations, educational materials to introduce African American traditions and music to students.

The Center’s collections promote the music of the African diaspora and include materials covering a variety of idioms in Black music. Search across primary source content created by individuals and musical organizations, including correspondence, scores, oral histories, as well as early recordings (e.g. wax cylinders).

This webpage houses resources for music by composers of color. It is not intended to be limited to (a) “traditional” music theory topics or (b) notated music in the Western art music tradition. Analytical notes are being made available, while a Google Sheet summarizes music theory topics that can be taught using the repertoire. 

This is an open access collection of scores from the Contemporary Score Edition series. It contains new music and scores from the Kaleidoscope 2020 Call for Scores published in collaboration with the UCLA Music Library.

String quartets commissioned by the Kronos Quartet. Recordings, scores, parts. Many compositions by women or persons of color.

University of Toronto guide which supports research on the musical traditions and scholarship of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) individuals and groups.

The Institute promotes the music of historically underrepresented composers through its advocacy work and also by making available the Composer Diversity Database, Works Diversity Database, orchestra season analysis, bibliographies, and more.

A source of reference on the rich Brazilian pianistic tradition in various genres, including classical and popular, from the 19th century to today.

The IAWM promotes and fosters the work of women in music. Search the New Music Competition winners to find works in categories, including chamber and orchestral works to electro-acoustic media, improvisation, and sound installation.

This group is focused on showcasing music written by Black composers and to decenter the musical canon. Resources on this site include repertoire directories, links to sheet music, recordings, bibliographies, discography, as well as podcasts and radio programs.

A database of excerpts and complete musical compositions by women composers. The music is categorized by theoretical concept for use in music education.

This list was initiated by a EMA member as a list of Black composers active before 1850. EMA and the IDEA Taskforce recognizes this is not an exhaustive list of BIPOC composers and invites others to use the form on this page to submit additional composers and resources for inclusion.

A resource that identifies a range of composers and piano works, as well as links to recordings or scores, when available.

This catalog contains over 2000 entries containing information about works in which the cello has a prominent role as a solo instrument, soloist with orchestra, in duo with another instrument or electronic media, or in cello ensembles

This database explores repertoire by underrepresented composers that involves the viola as a significant voice.

"We Rise: A Movement Songbook draws on a rich history of social movement music, both old and new. From Spirituals to Labor songs, from Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement to the music rising up from our struggles today, this compilation of movement music is meant to give people ways to join. To remember. To affirm. To honor. To rage. To celebrate. To practice new ways of being in relationship with one another and the earth. To envision and create a world that is just and habitable for future generations."