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Theatre: Books

Finding Books

Call Numbers

PN 1600-2000 Literature. Drama
PN 1600 Periodicals, Yearbooks
PN 1625 Dictionaries
PN 1630 General Works
PN 1660-1669 Technique of Dramatic composition
PN 1691 Construction of the play
PN 1707 Criticism
PN 1720-1730 History
PN 1731-1861 Drama by period (Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, etc.)
PN 1831-1861 Modern (17th to 20th century)
PN 1865 One-act plays
PN 1872-1879 Historical Plays
PN 1892 Tragedy
PN 1922 Comedy
PN 1950 Science Fiction Plays
PN 1962 Vaudeville
PN 1972-1982 Puppet Theater
PN 1985-1988 Pantomimes

PN 2000-3307 Dramatic Representation. The Theater
PN 2000-2021 Periodicals, Yearbooks, Societies
PN 2035 Dictionaries
PN 2039 Philosophy
PN 2053 Management, administration, production
PN 2055- 2073 Acting
PN 2074 Theater as a Profession
PN 2085-2091 The Stage and Accessories
PN 2098 Theater Posters

PN 2100-2193 History
PN 2131-2179 By Period (Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, etc.)
PN 2181-2193 Modern
PN 2219-3030 Special regions or countries
PN 3151-3171 Amateur Theatricals
PN 3175-3191 College and School Theatricals
PN 3203-3299 Tableaux, pageants, "happenings", etc.

Drama materials are scattered throughout several call numbers.

They are catalogued by nationality, with individual or collective plays being catalogued according to the literature of specific countries, then by author.

Ex: PQ=Romance Literatures, PT= Germanic Literatures, PR= English Literature, PS= American Literature, etc.

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