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Family and Consumer Sciences: Education

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How to Search ERIC (courtesy of Rachel Wadham)

The following handout is a step by step guide on how to search ERIC.  The steps outlined show you how to use the ERIC Thesaurus and the Search History to perform effective searches.

Lesson Planning Resources

Call Numbers For Print Materials

L Education

LA History of Education

      LA5-2396 History of education

      LA5-25 General

      LA31-135 By period

      LA173-186 Higher education

      LA201-398 United States

      LA410-2284 Other regions or countries

LB Theory and practice of education        

      LB5-3640 Theory and practice of education

      LB5-45 General

      LB51-885 Systems of individual educators and writers

      LB1025-1050.75 Teaching (Principles and practice)

      LB1049.9-1050.75 Reading (General)

      LB1050.9-1091 Educational psychology

      LB1101-1139 Child study

      LB1139.2-1139.5 Early childhood education

      LB1140-1140.5 Preschool education.

      LB1141-1489 Nursery schools

      LB1501-1547 Kindergarten

      LB1555-1602 Primary education

      LB1603-1696.6 Elementary or public school education

      LB1705-2286 Education and training of teachers and administrators

      LB1771-1773 Certification of teachers

      LB2165-2278 Teacher training in universities and colleges

      LB2300-2430 Higher education

      LB2331.7-2335.8 Teaching personnel

      LB2341-2341.95 Supervision and administration.Business management

      LB2351-2359 Admissions and entrance requirements

      LB2361-2365 Curriculum

      LB2799-2799.3 Educational consultants and consulting

      LB2801-3095 School administration and organization

      LB3011-3095 School management and discipline

 LC Special aspects of education

      LC8-6691 Special aspects of education

      LC8-59 Forms of education

      LC15 Conversation and culture

      LC37-44.3 Home education

      LC45-45.8 Nonformal education

      LC47-58.7 Private school education

      LC58-58.7 Preparatory schools. Preparatory school education

      LC59 Public school education

      LC65-245 Social aspects of education

      LC65-67.68 Economic aspects of education

      LC68-70 Demographic aspects of education

      LC149-161 Literacy. Illiteracy

      LC189-214.53 Educational sociology

      LC212-212.863 Discrimination in education

      LC212.9-212.93 Sex differences in education

      LC213-214.53 Educational equalization. Right to education

      LC215-238.4 Community and the school

      LC223 Schools as community centers

      LC225-226.7 Home and school

      LC230-235 Parent-teacher associations. Home and school associations

      LC251-951 Moral and religious education

      LC251-318 Moral education. Character building

      LC321-951 Religion and education. Education under church control

      LC1022-1022.25 Computer-assisted education

      LC1025-1027 Collective education

      LC1031-1034.5 Competency based education

      LC1035-1035.8 Basic education. Basic skills education

      LC1036-1036.8 Community education

      LC1099-1099.5 Multicultural education (General)

      LC1200-1203 Inclusive education

      LC1390-5160.3 Education of special classes of persons

      LC2580-2582 Student-athletes

      LC2601-2611 Education in developing countries

      LC3701-3740 Immigrants or ethnic and linguistic minorities. Bilingual schools and bilingual education

      LC3950-4806.5 Exceptional children and youth. Special education

      LC3991-4000 Gifted children and youth

      LC4001-4806.5 Children and youth with disabilities. Learning disabled children and youth

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