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Latter-day Saint Movement Studies: Top Resources

Start here searching for background about Latter-day Saint topics or doctrines, find a biography about a Church figure, D&C section historical background, sermons about particular Church topics or by certain Church leaders, or scholarship about a Church topic, event, or figure.

Philosophy and Church History/Doctrine Librarian

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Gerrit van Dyk
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Background on a Doctrinal or Historical Topic

Use these to learn more about a doctrinal topic or an event, figure, or topic from Church history.

Find Scholarship About a Church Topic

Use this database to find scholarship about Church doctrine, history, culture, and membership.

Find a Book About a Church Historical Figure

Do the following steps to find books written about an individual in Church history: 1) Using the search box dropdown, select Subject, then enter in the name (last name, first name) of the Church historical figure (e.g., Snow, Eliza), 2) in the next dropdwon, select Genre, then enter "NOT articles," then 3) click search.

Find a Speech by a Church Leader on a Topic

Use this database to search General Conference talks from 1851-Present.

Find Background Information About a D&C Section

Use this source to learn more about the historical background of a section in the Doctrine and Covenants. Select a section from the list then choose the "Historical Introduction" dropdown from the right navigational pane.

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