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Film & Media Arts: Background Resources

Film History

  1. Click Variety Archives.
  2. Look for and click on the Account drop-down near the upper right corner.
  3. Select View Variety Archives.

Online Film & Television Reference

Film Catalogs

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

*   Encyclopedia of Epic Films2014. (E-book)

Print Film & Television Reference

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Films. 2015. HumRef PN 1995 .R6857 2015.

Katz. The Film Encyclopedia. 2008. HumRef PN 1993.45 .K34 2008

Mayer. Encyclopedia of Film Noir. HumRef PN 1995.9 .F54 M39 2007

​Roud. Cinema: A Critical Dictionary. 1980. 2 vols. HumRef PN 1993.45 .C5




The Oxford History of World Cinema. HumRef PN 1993.5 .A1 O96 1996

Cinema Year by Year: 1894-2001. HumRef PN 1993.5 .A1 C566 2001

Shipman. The Story of Cinema: An Illustrated History. 2 vols. HumRef PN 1993.5 .A1 S52 1980



International Motion Picture Almanac. (annual)1929-present. HumRef PN 1993.3 .I55 (latest 5 years @ HumRef)

Variety International Film Guide. 1989-present. HumRef PN 1993.3 .I544 (latest 5 years @ HumRef)


The Humanities Reference area only has a few filmographies; most are housed in the regular stacks.

Search in the Library Catalog using the following keywords: (topic or genre) and filmography or the subject heading s= motion pictures--catalogs

Examples: science fiction and filmography  |  spielberg and filmography

Benson. Vintage Science Fiction Films, 1896-1949. 1985. PZ 4 .A25 B46

Darby. Masters of Lens and Light: A Checklist of Major Cinematographers and their Feature Films. 1991. HumRef PN 1998.D285 1991

Garfield. Western Films: A Complete Guide. 1982. HumRef PN 1995.9 .W4 G3 1982

Ottoson. A Reference Guide to Film Noir: 1940-1958. HumRef PN 1995.9 .U6 O9

Sigoloff. Films of the Seventies: A Filmography of American, British, and Canadian Films, 1970-79. 1984. HumRef PN 1993.45 .S53 1984

Sloan. Alfred Hitchcock: A Guide to References and Resources. 1993. HumRef PN 1998.3 .H58 S57 1993

Wilt. The Mexican Filmography: 1916-2001. HumRef PN 1993.5 .M4 W55 2004

Film Adaptation Sources

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