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A guide to resources for Asian Studies

Introduction to the Asian Collection at Brigham Young University

The Asian Collection consists of three parts:

1. The Main Collection: The main collection contains over 67,000 books (48,000 in Chinese, 11,000 in Japanese, and 8,000 in Korean). We also have small collections of Vietnamese and Thai materials. All Asian language books are shelved in the Asian Collection on the Fourth Floor of the Harold B. Lee Library according to the Library of Congress call number system (Click on the Map provided below for location details).

2. The Asian Reference Collection: This collection contains encyclopedias, specialized dictionaries, concordances, and other research aids.

3. The Asian Language Reading Shelves:  Located next to the Asian Reference Collection, the Asian Language Reading Shelves contain reading materials in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean selected to help you improve your reading skills. These materials are organized by level of difficulty: Level 1 = Beginning; Level 2 = Intermediate; and Level 3 = Advanced. Popular works of fiction are found among the advanced level materials.


English language materials related to Asia are shelved in various parts of the library (also according to the Library of Congress call number system). See the call number guide below and to the left for details.

Call Number Guide

Those who Browse the Stacks always discover additional research materials!

All books published in Asian languages are located on the 4th Floor in the Asian Collection.

English materials on Asian topics are located in different parts of the library as noted below.

If you have trouble finding a book ask the Asian Studies Librarian or inquire at any library help desk.

AC-AE Collections, Encyclopedias (1st Floor, Social Science Reference)

BL 1900 Daoism (2nd Floor, Religion & Family History Library)

BQ Buddhism (2nd Floor, Religion & Family History Library)

BR-BX Christianity (2nd Floor, Religion & Family History Library)

DS Asian History (1st Floor, Social Science Library)

      DS 350–375 Afghanistan

      DS 376–392 Pakistan

      DS 400-485 India

      DS 700–799 China

      DS 800–899 Japan

      DS 900–940 Korea

G 1019-2357 Maps

GR 335-340 Fables, Myths, Legends, Folklore (1st Floor, Social Science Library)

GR 342-GT  Customs (1st Floor, Social Science Library)

GV 1100-1400 Martial arts, games

HC 427-470 Economic conditions

HN-HQ  Society

J Politics and Government (1st Floor, Central Stacks)

      JZ 1730-1734 Chinese

      JZ 1745 Japanese

      JZ 1748 Korean

K Law

M Music

N Arts & Crafts (5th Floor, North Stacks)

   N 7340–45 Chinese Art (General)

   NA 1540 Chinese Architecture

   NB 1040 Chinese Sculpture

   NB 1912 Buddhist Sculpture

   ND 1036–1049 Chinese Painting

   ND 1050 Japanese Painting

   ND 1060 Korean Art

   NK 3634 Chinese Calligraphy

   NK 4165 Chinese Pottery

   NK 5750 Chinese Jade Carving

PL Asian Languages and Literatures (5th Floor, North Stacks)

   PL 501-845 Japanese

   PL 901-949 Korean

   PL 1001-3300 Chinese

Q Science

R  Medicine

S  Agriculture

T Technology

U Military science

Z Libraries

Asian Collection 4th Floor Map (Click to Enlarge)

Databases for Finding Asian Studies Scholarship

For some very helpful tips on how to conduct a successful database search, click Here 

Primary Source Collections

Asia and The West 19th century US Consular and Diplomatic dispatches from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia; British Foreign Office Japan correspondence; Missionary dispatches from China, Japan, Korea, and Siam (Bangkok). 

US Government Documents (Search for Asia Related Documents)

Asian Studies Librarian

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Tim Davis
Office: 4523 HBLL

Subject Resources

Documentary Films


Chinese Reading Database