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Classical Studies: Language Dictionaries and Grammars - Latin

Latin Language Dictionaries and Grammars

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Defining Dictionaries

P.G.W. Glare, ed. Oxford Latin dictionary. Second edition. Oxford, 2012.

Ancient Studies and Humanities Reference PA 2365 .E5 O9 2012

The standard Latin dictionary in English.

C.T. Lewis and C. Short, A Latin dictionary. Oxford, 1879.

Ancient StudiesHumanities Reference, and Lee Stacks PA 2365 .E5 A7

Online version at Clint Hagen's Glossa website.

Online version at Perseus Project site.

Superseded by OLD, except covers Latin through the fifth and sixth centuries AD (beond the second century AD, the cutoff date for OLD).

Thesaurus linguae latinae. Leipzig, 1900-

Ancient Studies PA 2361 .T4

The most comprehensive dictionary of Latin, in progress. Aims to include every attestation of every Latin word.

R. Estienne, Dictionarium, seu Latinae linguae thesaurus. Paris, 1536 (and reprints)

Rare Quarto 473 Es86t 1734

 Vault Quarto 094.2 Es86d 1536 no.8

Online version at Gallica.

J. Morwood, The pocket Oxford Latin dictionary. Third edition. Oxford, 2005.

Online version of the English-Latin portion (authentication required)

Online version of the Latin-English portion (authentication required)

W.G. Smith and T.D. Hall. A copious and critical English-Latin dictionary. New York, 1871.

Lee Stacks PA 2365 .E5 S6x 1871

Online version in Internet Archive

Later Latin

F. Arnaldi & P. Smiraglia. Latinitatis Italicae Medii Aevi lexicon (saec. V ex. - saec. XI in.). Firenze, 2001

On order for Ancient Studies 15 June 2015

C. Du Cange, Glossarium ad scriptores mediae et infimae latinitatis. Paris, 1733-1736. 10 vols.

Rare 473 D85 1733

E. Forcellini, Lexicon totius latinitatis. (various editions starting in 1771)

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 2364 .F6 1965

Medieval and modern Latin.

R.E. Latham, Dictionary of medieval Latin from British sources. London, 1975-2013.

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 2891 .L28

Mittellateinisches Wörterbuch bis zum ausgehenden 13. Jahrhundert. Munich, 1959-

Ancient Studies PA 2893 .G3 M48 1959

J.F. Niermeyer and J.W.J. Burgers, Mediae Latinitatis lexicon minus. Second edition. Leiden, 2002.

Ancient Studies PA 2890 .N54 2002

Click here for online access (authentication required).

Novum glossarium mediae Latinitatis ab anno DCCC usque ad annum MCC. 1957-

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 2893 .F7 N6

A. Souter, A glossary of later Latin to 600 A.D. Oxford, 1949.

Lee Stacks PA 2308 .S6 1949

Humanities Reference PA 2308 .S6 1964

Thesaurus eruditionis

Collection of digitized dictionaries and other reference materials for neo-Latin.

Etymological Dictionaries

M.A.C. de Vaan, Etymological dictionary of Latin and the other Italic languages. Leiden, 2008.

Ancient Studies PA 2518 .V33 2008

Online, searchable version available in Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries

A. Ernout et A. Meille, Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue latine. Fourth edition. Paris, 1967,

Ancient Studies PA 2342 .E7 1967

A. Walde, Lateinisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. Fourth edition. Heidelberg, 1964-1965.

Ancient Studies PA 2342 .W2 1965

M.A.C. de Vaan, Etymological dictionary of Latin and the other Italic languages. Leiden, 2008.

Ancient Studies PA 2518 .V33 2008


A. Cappelli, Lexicon abbreviaturarum : dizionario di abbreviature latine ed italiane usate nelle carte e codici specialmente del Medio-Evo. Milan, 1973.

Ancient Studies Z 111 .C24 1973

H.H. Froesch, Lexikon lateinischer Abkürzungen. Darmstadt, 2014.

Ancient Studies Z 111 .F76 2014


Ancient Grammarians

See the series Grammatici Latini as well as

Grammaticae Romanae fragmenta. Ed. H. Funaioli. Stuttgart, 1969 (Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana)

Ancient Studies PA 6103 .G8 1969

Modern Grammars

R. Kühner, F. Holzweissig and C. Stegmann, Ausführliche Grammatik der lateinischen Sprache. Third edition. Hannover, 1989-1992.

Ancient Studies PA 2080 .K8

B.L. Gildersleeve, Latin grammar. Third edition. London, 1895.

Lee Stacks PA 2087 .G5 1895

Copy of 1903 edition in Internet Archive.

J.H. Allen and J.B. Greenough, New Latin Grammar. Boston, 1903.

Lee Stacks PA 2087 .A525 1980

Online version here.

C.E. Bennett, New Latin grammar. Boston, 1918.

Lee Stacks PA 2087 .B5 1918