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Journalism & News Media: Background Research

Background Information

Online Encyclopedia

U.S. Census Data

In-Depth Background Resources

Archived Websites

Archived websites offer a glimpse of the recent past. Try the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, an archive of millions of website snapshots from the 1990s through today.

Use the Wayback Machine to (for example):

1. Explore websites from the 1990s and 2000s

2. Examine how organizational priorities change over time

a. How has online coverage of BYU athletics changed from the earliest site (1998-1999) to today?

Specialized Research

Now that you are grounded in your subject matter, use these resources to dig deeper.

Finding E-Books and Print Books

Filtering Search Results for E-Books

When searching the Harold B. Lee Library for e-books, use the left-side filters to help. Under "Resource Type," select "E-books" to see resources you can access remotely. 


Resources ABOUT Journalism & News Media

Books about communication, mass media, and journalism have the following call numbers: 

  • P87 - P96: Communication and Mass Media
  • PN4699 - PN5650: Journalism

These books are all found on the library's 5th floor. You can search for materials by keyword, subject term, author, or call number.

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