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Dance 460 / 461: Dance History: Books

Useful Music Call Numbers


M 1356  Music for social dancing

M 1450  Dance music

M 1455-59    Dances or dance poems, accompanied

M 1500-08    Dramatic music (operas, musicals)

M 1520-26    Dramatic music (ballets)

M 1627-M1853   Folk, national and ethnic music


ML 3400-3465   Dance music history and criticism

ML 3544-3776   Folk, national and ethnic music history and criticism

MT 950 Music to accompany dance instruction

Useful Science Call Numbers

GV   call number used for dance in LC

QM 1-549  Human anatomy

QP 1-495  Physiology

QP 310 .D35  Physiology specifc to dance

RC 489 .D3 Psychiatry (dance therapy)

RC 552 .E18 Psychiatry (eating disorders)

RC 1220 .B27  Sports medicine (ballet)

RC 1220 .D35 Sports medicine (dance)

RM 931 .D35  Therapeutics (dance therapy)

Dance Call Numbers

MD 1580  Dance periodicas

MD 1585  Dictionaries, encyclopedias

MD 1587 Terminology, abbreviations, notations

MD 1587.5  Directories

MD 1588 Philosophy and theory

MD 1589  Study and teaching

MD 1590-94  General overview of dance

MD 1595  Special aspects of the subject

MD 1596  Pictorial works

MD 1596.5  Juvenile works

MD 1597  Dancing as a profession

MD 1600-1620  Dance criticism, appreciation, history

MD 1621-1728  the above by geographical region

MD 1735  Apparatus and equipment

MD 1740-41  Ethics; Dancing and the church

MD 1743 National dances. Folk dances (general)

MD 1746-1771  Social dancing. Ballroom dancing

MD 1781-1795  Theatrical dancing

MD 1782.5 Choreography

MD 1783  Modern or expressionistic dancing

MD 1783.5  Religious dance

MD 1784  Jazz dance

MD 1785  Biography

MD 1785.8-1786  Dance groups or companies

MD 1786.32-1790  Ballet

MD 1793 Clog dancing

MD 1794 Tap danicng

MD 1796 .A-Z  other dances, alphabetical by dance name

MD 1798  Gymnastic dancing; rhythmic exercise

MD 1799  Dances for special classes of persons

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