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Dance 460: Dance History and Theory: 1800-2100

America's irreplaceable dance treasures

An irreplaceable dance treasure is a person who has: - Made a significant impact on dance as an art form - Demonstrated artistic excellence - Enriched the nation's cultural heritage - Demonstrated the potential to enhance the lives of future generations - Shown itself worthy of national and international recognition.

Artist Experts by Genre


Neoclassical Ballet

Contemporary Ballet

Balletic-leaning Contemporary

Justin Peck

MD 1786 .N4 B35 2015

       Desmond Richardson /           Dwight Rhoden

several items

Paul Lightfoot

M 1520 .D5 K35 2002 DVD

Benjamin Millepied

MD 1785 .A1 C82 2004 Quarto

Alonzo King

several items

Matthew Bourne

several items

Frederick Ashton

many books & DVDs

Emily Molnar

Summer Rhatigan

Kenneth MacMillan

many books & DVDs

Nacho Duato

several items

Sol León

Serge Lifar

many books & DVDs

Christopher Wheeldon

several items

Crystal Pite

Arthur Mitchell

several items

Mats Ek

several items

Alvin Ailey

several items

Edouard Lock

Camille A. Brown

several items


European / Dance Theatre

Downtown Post-Modern

Modern Dance Fusions

Akram Khan

several items

Meredith Monk

several items

Ron K. Brown

Sasha Waltz

MD 1785 .W41 S27 2014 DVD

Miguel Gutierrez

Doug Elkins

Jasmin Vardimon

John Jasperse

MD 1782.5 .M67 S63 2004

Urban Bush Women

MD 1786 .U73 G46 2010

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

several items

Tere O’Connor

e-book section


Chunky Move

several items

Anna Halprin

Digital Archive

many items

Eiko & Koma

several items

DV8 Physical Theatre

several items

Bebe Miller

Rennie Harris

several items

Hofesh Schechter

Deborah Hay

several items


Josephine Baker

many items

Kyle Abraham

MD 1619 .S77 L66 2012



Uptown Post-Modern

Classical Modern Dance

Early Modern Dance

Mark Morris

several items

Katherine Dunham

many items

Ruth St. Denis

many items

Lar Lubovitch

several items

Erick Hawkins

several items

Loie Fuller

many items

Gus Solomons Jr.

Helmsley Winfield

  MD 1785 .W56 N43 2016

Donald McKayle

MD 1785 .M35 H43 2005 DVD

David Parsons

MD 1785 .P27 P37 1992 DVD

Charles Weidman

several items

Hanya Holm

many items

Stephen Petronio

MD 1619 .S77 L66 2012

Helen Tamiris

several items

Pearl Primus

several items

Lucinda Childs

several items

Lester Horton

many items

Talley Beatty

several items

Edna Guy

  MD 1624.7 .A34 M36 2004

Eleo Pomare

              several items


Percussive Dance

Partner Dances

Urban Dance

William Henry Lane (Master Juba)

MD 1794 .S45 W43 2015

"Shorty" George Snowden

Don "Campbellock" Campbell

MD 1796 .B74 B72 2004 DVD

Charles "Honi" Coles

Irene & Vernon Castle

several items

Brian “footwork” Green and/or Marjory Smarth (House Dance)

MD 1624.5 .N4 C54 2011 DVD

Cholly Atkins

MD 1785 .A88 A3 2001

Frankie Manning

several items

The Electric Boogaloos

John Bubbles

Norma Miller

MD 1784 .M54 1996

Rock Steady Crew,

NYC Breakers, Zulu Kings (pick one)

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

several items

Al Minns & Leon James

several items

Buddah Stretch of Elite Force Crew

Gregory Hines

several items

Eddie Torres



Rudolph Valentino

many items



          Dean Collins and            Jewel McGowan


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